The Midwest Media Expo returns for it’s fourth year!

Returning in Spring of 2017 is Metro Detroit’s pop-culture extravaganza: The Midwest Media Expo. M2X is a popular culture event, similar to most Comic Conventions; however, instead of focusing on only comics, the Midwest Media Expo is a celebration of all popular media. This includes, but is not limited to: Animation, Television, Film, Literature, Video Games, Tabletop Gaming, Comics, and Internet Culture. The Midwest Media Expo brings a unique, all-ages blend of interactive events, celebrity guest panels, and live musical performances to Metro Detroit.

In 2005, we created our first event (Youmacon) with the goal to produce a fan convention we would want to attend. All of our events offer the very best in engaging special guests, interactive live events, free–to–play video game rooms, and high–quality, fan created programming.

Ten years later, we expanded our vision to include the first Midwest Media Expo, which brought nearly 2,500 fans to participate in our wide array of live events, special celebrity panels, tabletop gaming, and video gaming. We are proud to be returning to Metro Detroit for our third year of this exciting event.

For the low admission price of either a one-day or a 3-day weekend pass, we offer our attendees admission to every one of our special events, the exhibitor hall, Artists’ Alley, special celebrity guest panels, musical events, and more!

The Midwest Media Expo will take place from April 28th to April 30th, 2017 at the Edward Village Michigan Hotel (formerly the Hyatt Regency Dearborn and the Royal Dearborn Convention Hotel & Convention Center) one of our favorite venues from past Youmacon events.

Mark your calendars, because M2X is unlike any convention you have ever attended.

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Where will the expo take place?

The Midwest Media Expo will be held at the Edward Village Michigan Hotel (formerly the Hyatt Regency Dearborn and the Royal Dearborn Convention Hotel & Convention Center) in Dearborn, Michigan. Beginning at 2:00pm on Friday, and lasting until Sunday evening, the Expo will take over one of the largest hotels in Michigan.

If you have been to Youmacon before, this venue might sound familiar, as this hotel was once the home of Youmacon before it moved to The Renaissance Center and Cobo Hall in 2010.

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What's included with my purchase?

The Midwest Media Expo is an all-inclusive event, and we take great pride in this. Most activities, such as our game rooms and celebrity autograph sessions, are available to attendees at no additional charge.

We also have a handful supplemental activities such as gaming tournaments and charity fund-raising activities, which do require a small additional fee to participate; however, we do not take an additional profit from these events.

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What special guests of honor can I expect to see at the Media Expo?
Will there be an extra charge to meet them?

Since our first event in 2005, we have taken pride in only bringing fun and engaging guests to our all-inclusive events, rather than big names from 30 years ago, and we fully intend to continue with this philosophy. You can expect some of your favorite actors, artists, internet personalities, authors, musicians, and much more at the Midwest Media Expo. A few fan favorites from our other events may also attend.

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